From one special needs parent to another

No parent wants to see their child struggling in school. By law, your child is guaranteed a free and appropriate public education. If your child's needs are not being met, Attorney Allison Boscarine can help.

As the parent of a young child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, she has been in your shoes.

As an attorney, she is prepared to fight for you.

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student rights

Children with disabilities are legally entitled to receive a free and appropriate public education that addresses the needs of the "whole" child, including educational, social-emotional, and behavioral difficulties.  That education must take into account the unique needs of your particular child—not what the school "offers." 

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legal process

Most parents seeking special education legal advice have never needed an attorney before. Allison brings her 10 years of experience litigating in state and federal courts throughout the country to help you assert your child's legal rights. Allison will walk you through the legal process so that you fully understand the potential risks, benefits, and costs of litigation. 

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preserving relationships

Your relationship with your school district will usually be a long one. Often, when parents seek an attorney, there has been a breakdown in that relationship. Allison works hard to preserve the relationship between parents, educators, and administrators and to resolve issues amicably when possible, and through litigation when necessary.